Vector food nutrition label

Sometimes I get really hungry when I am doing visual design work, and I can never figure out why that is. This little graphic made me a lot hungrier than most of my other recent projects, and it dawned on me that if I’m working on just a slight hint of a food-related project, I’ll need to have snacks nearby – or else. Good thing I’m not making a living illustrating hamburgers…

Remember that vector bar code I uploaded about six weeks ago? Well, there was another asset that I created for that project which you might find useful: a vector food nutrition label.

The project I was using this for didn’t require the nutrition values to be totally accurate, and as a matter of fact, making them totally generic was better for the situation (after all, this was for a demo only). I just happened to have a can of Coke on my desk, and it’s nutrition label looked simple enough so I just used the values from that.

Please note that this a fully editable Photoshop PSD source file – but all of the elements were built using vector shapes, so this is a completely scalable and print-ready illustration. You’ll probably want to add your own details to it to make it your own, but it will also be perfect if you just need a generic nutrition label to slap into a screen comp or something…

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