Vector illustration of a snake wrapped around a bottle

Here’s the thing about being the only visual designer in a corporate design environment: sooner or later, you will be everyone’s design bitch. You will be designing your boss’s personal birthday cards, business cards for someone’s side business, banners for the company pot-luck lunch – as well as getting caught in the middle of two pranksters by doing stupid photo-alterations in Photoshop over and over again until a line is crossed and it’s not funny anymore. I’ve done my fair share over the years, and now I’d like to present an unfinished illustration that I did for a senior manager in 2006 or so.

To be honest, I can’t even remember why he wanted this illustration in the first place. It’s an image of a snake wrapped around a beer bottle, and to the best of my recollection, this was going to be used on some sort of internal corporate messaging. Hey – anything to make dull corporate life look cool, right?

But like I said – this is an unfinished drawing. The basic black and white line art you see here was my first attempt at this before I started over on a new one. I have the line art for that too, but not the finished rendering – which is a shame because I remember it came out looking pretty cool. I think I left the source file on a network server somewhere and forgot to save a copy for myself – which is an honest mistake considering that no employee in corporate America owns anything they create. Everything we do must go on public access servers (whether we like it or not). I can only image the look on the face of the IT guy who presumably found it years later…

Snake wrapped around a bottle

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