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I work with a bunch of highly-talented UX designers on a daily basis, and every now and then we do team-building events that allow us to get away for a few hours and get to know each other a little better. It’s a fairly large group of designers, so it’s not really surprising that one of our favorite events is to break into smaller teams and compete against each other in a variety of fun games. It’s usually pretty crazy – and sometimes quite humiliating – but everyone seems to have a good time. The team who scores the most points during the event gets bragging rights until the next series of games rolls around months later.

This time around, I was assigned to a team who decided on the name “SuperUser”. Being the only visual designer in the group, it was up to me to create an official logo for us – a logo that would be printed on brightly-colored t-shirts that would serve as our official team uniform.

I created several quick options, and the one that you see here was the loser. I’m actually glad that it wasn’t chosen, because I think that I would have preferred the outlines of the text and the star to be thicker. Doing so wouldn’t have been an easy change, as I’d pretty much have to go in and rebuild the entire thing from scratch. I was dreading that big time while the voting was going on!

So…I’ve (obviously) got no use for this now. However, if by off-chance that you find yourself on a corporate sporting team of UX designers named “SuperUser” – and are without a logo for your uniform, I’ve got you covered. You can download the file zip file containing the Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file by clicking here.

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