Website banner ideas for frustrated visual designers

As a lifelong visual designer, I know the pain of not being able to come up with really good website banner ideas. It always seems to happen when I’m under the gnarliest of deadlines. It stinks! Therefore, to help alleviate any frustrating creative blocks in the future, the following is a collection of banners that I have created over the years (with different styles). Free free to download and use any of them.

Fully editable 1200×312 website banner idea (with laptop)

Here is a banner idea that features a laptop computer. The good thing about this web banner is that it’s very basic and simple – and because it’s a fully editable layered Photoshop file, you can change it as much as you’d like.

wide web banner idea with laptop computer

Wide web banner idea featuring a simple laptop computer with editable titles

I apologize that the photo isn’t very clean (there’s a lot of dust on the table surface) but this was just a preliminary comp so I didn’t spend too long cleaning up the photo and trying to make it perfect. Besides, you’d probably want to change this image with one of a more modern computer…

download this layered photoshop website banner source file in Photoshop PSD format

Fully editable 1200×312 website banner idea (with laptop and mobile phone)

It’s funny how things go in the world of visual design. Sometimes it seems all I do is 3d rendering. Other times all I’m doing is web stuff. Other times, my days are filled with basic illustration assignments.

And over the course of the last few months, I’ve been doing a lot of website design work. Much of that work has consisted of creating a constant stream of web banner ideas and other replaceable graphics that reflect the products that my client is trying to push. Long story short – I’ve created a ton of web banner concepts over the years that never make it to final production.

mobile device web banner idea

Fully editable PSD web banner featuring a mobile phone and laptop computer

This is one of them (modified into a different format than what I would go into my client’s website). It’s a large 1200×312 web banner featuring a mobile phone sitting on top of a laptop computer. I took that photo myself with my iPhone – so no worries about using this for wherever you’d like. On the left, I’ve provided ample space for placing text or other graphics. Do whatever you want with it!

download this layered photoshop website banner source file in Photoshop PSD format

Three PSD website banner ideas featuring hands with mobile phones

You may have seen parts of these illustrations when I uploaded them separately. The hands with mobile phone illustrations and the generic map were separate elements that I uploaded a long time ago, and as you can see, even I sometimes use my own “trashed graphics”.

hands holding phone banner idea

Three fully editable website banners featuring drawings of hands holding phones

These three website banners were part of a first-round design concept for a website I was working on. My client and I weren’t quite sure what kind of style to use, and our preliminary design concept was to do something in a very illustrative “line-drawing” style as you see here.

In the end, we decided to use a combination of photos and 3d renderings instead. But I still like the way that these turned out. Unfortunately, I have no use for them anymore, so I’m offering the source file up for grabs here.

download mobile phone banner illustrations in Photoshop PSD format

Five ideas for blank web and toolbar banners

I created these 5 web banners back in 2001 for a corporate intranet site I was working on. I believe these were for the customer service section of the site, as they all contain images of friendly people in tech-related environments (my apologies for the cheesy stock photos). Despite being so old, I think they still have value – and could easily be repurposed into any modern web layouts.

Five Web Banner Ideas

Five full color customer service-themed web banners with blank space for text and logos

In addition, each of these web banner ideas contain a lot of blank space for inserting text or logos – and the colors can be repeated at the ends to create banners of any width.


Three blank horizontal website and advertising banners

Perhaps I was getting burned out on creating 3d illustrations of conceptual objects, but I was producing a LOT of generic website and advertising banners a few years ago. They come in pretty handy as stock graphics for a variety of uses, which can include web templates, business cards, advertising banners, and posters. I always like to have a bunch of these things on hand for those last minute assignments to help save time during conceptual development.

Three generic horizontal banner ideas

Three generic horizontal banner ideas – each containing a large area of blank space for you to insert your own text and logos

All of these are in a landscape (horizontal) format. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the PSD source files for these, so you’re going to have to do some serious modifications to them if you want to use them for anything.

Five fully editable PSD website banners (“retro” style ideas)

Most people probably don’t know this, but my bread and butter was website design back in the day. That’s what I spent the most of my time doing, and I had a full list of awesome clients who kept me very busy.

Like any other busy web designer, I’ve got a large collection of web templates and website elements that never made it to final production. Case in point: these five website banners. They were part of a large collection of concepts I made for a client sometime back in the early 2000’s, and these are the rejects. Shame to let them go to waste, right?

Five fully editable retro banner ideas

Five fully editable “retro” banner ideas (how we did it way back in the day).

I’m totally digging the retro vibe of these by the way. They scream “2001” louder than pretty much any other graphics I’ve posted on this site, but that’s what makes them cool! How cool would it be to build a “retro” looking site with modern technology behind it. I’ve been very tempted to do something like that soon…and I’ll be sure to include some of my old 3d Photoshop buttons to help make it “period correct”…

download these layered retro photoshop website banner ideas source file in Photoshop PSD format

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