3-page PowerPoint template for high tech manufacturing

Okay, here I go again with a high-tech theme that would be perfect for any business or organization involved in high tech manufacturing! Just so you know, I’ve got a couple more of these electronic circuit presentation templates with microchips and digital processors to upload (did you see the 3d electronic circuit template I uploaded a few days ago?), and I promise that this will be the last of them once they are all here on trashedgraphics.com.

I know that the high tech / manufacturing theme is one that I’ve pretty much beaten to death, and I’m actually getting tired of it myself. But please stay with me for a bit because I am a visual designer after all, and it’s impossible for any visual designer worth a darn to be happy with one version of something.

buy 3 page high tech manufacturing powerpoint template

This particular template features a transparent black transparent panel over top a complex composition of metallic 3d microchips and processors. It’s a 3d rendering that actually started life as a stock illustration that I created years ago (it was also used in my presentation template for tech startups), but I had to modify it slightly in order to remove complexity and details in certain areas so that it would be easy to place text over top of.

As far as the interior slides go, I hope you like green! If it’s not really your cup of tea, those accent colors could be easily changed to be more of a blue tone that closely matches the blue accents in the cover slide. Better yet, tweak the color palette to match your own brand colors, and be the envy of all your peers!

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