A PowerPoint template for a green (and clean) environment

It’s pretty amazing to me how much a good photo can bring new life to an older and previously used design concept. Upon first glance of this green environment presentation template for PowerPoint, you probably didn’t even notice that it uses the exact same structure that I used for my previous tech-based theme. The generic logo block in the upper left corner is exactly the same, as is that transparent black panel that stretches horizontally across the cover slide. Even though it’s exactly the same, it has an entirely different look to it. When it comes to giving PowerPoint presentation templates style and character, it’s all about the photography!

buy full green environment powerpoint  template

I took this particular photo about six months ago. I was just snapping pictures of anything that looked interesting while I was just walking along the sidewalk, and I ended up fining a row of really pretty (and freaking huge) flowers that I thought would be a great texture for some other design projects I was working on. I actually wasn’t even planning on using the entire photo for anything – it was all about the texture, and I was sure that I got something useful.

I’ve mentioned before that I was never really a fan of using photos for the backdrops in my presentation templates, but I think this one reaffirms even further the need for me to explore different design techniques and processes in order to grow as a designer. I know that I get stuck in certain styles and it’s tough to break out of – so I’ll probably keep doing these photo-based nature themes. It was actually my Desert Roads template which qualified as my first photo-based theme, and I wasn’t a very big fan of using my photography in presentation templates back then.

Speaking of which, I’d love to know how everyone is using my templates. Do you find these nature themes useful? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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