Four-page baseball PowerPoint template

I admit it. I am a guy, and I’m not into sports at all. Is there something wrong with me? Probably, but that’s a topic for another post. Anyway, even though I don’t watch sports religiously, I had a real bad hankerin’ to create a baseball PowerPoint template the other day. This post is dedicated to what I managed to come up with.

For the record, yes, I do sit down to watch an occasional football or baseball game every now and then. I’m not THAT obtuse. But for the life of me, I couldn’t possibly tell you who the hottest players are in any sport right now.

Not that it matters for what I’m about to show you, but I just thought it was important to let you know who I am as designer before you peruse my content.

My concept for this four page baseball PowerPoint template

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always gravitated toward glass and metal textures and all of my 3-D renderings (for example, it’s the reason why my Cloud Computing PPT is so freakin’ metallic). I knew right from the beginning that I wanted this baseball PowerPoint template to be visually stunning and different from any other that you’ve seen.

Baseball PowerPoint theme

Blue and white Baseball PowerPoint theme

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Much like the NFL football PowerPoint template and the other football templates I posted a while back, I decided to make the baseball itself as the focal point of this slide deck.

The cover slide

The cover slide, as you can probably guess by looking at it, is where I focused all of my attention. It features a large 3-D rendered glass baseball surrounded by a cloud of smoke (I utilized one of my smokey background images for this). This was to emphasize power and energy, which I know is a slight exaggeration for the sport of baseball.

I get carried away sometimes, I know. My brain PowerPoint template had this same issue…

Anyway, like a good PowerPoint designer should, I left plenty of room for a long title. There’s also lots of room for things like your company logo, the names of the presenters, and any subtitles you wish to include. The font, as it is throughout the entire template, is Arial.

The main content slide

Whenever I put together a new slide deck, I’m always very careful to not go overboard with the interior content slides. This four page baseball PowerPoint template is relatively simple – yet highly visual. You’re definitely going to get a lot of attention from your audience when you step into the conference room and project these slides onto the big screen.

The main content slide is divided into two vertical sections. The left Side features an area dedicated for an image or an inspirational quote of some kind. The right side (which occupies approximately 75% of the screen) is dedicated for bullet points. This is where you should place your main content.

For what it’s worth, if you don’t need to show any images or if you have an especially a lot of points to cover, you can extend the bullet point section across the full width of the page. This is a very simple template to modify.

The table slides

Thankfully for you, I’m extremely indecisive. As a presenter of content myself, I know that there’s no one way of doing things. I like to have options, and because of that, I’m giving you plenty of options here in this particular baseball PowerPoint template.

The biggest option is the choice of two different kinds of table slides. Both feature an easy to work with flat design language, and are highly customizable to fit the kind of content you need to present.

The first one is a full page design which extends from edge to edge and top to bottom. The top half is the table section, with a solid blue background matching the colors of the cover slide. The bottom section features an area for a horizontal image or a quote of some kind, along with a steel gray version of the 3-D rendered baseball. This is the exact same baseball that is on the cover slide by the way. And yes – don’t worry. You can easily remove (or reposition) this graphic.

The second table slide design in this baseball PowerPoint template is very simple and allows for more of the page to show through. And because it was built entirely within PowerPoint using native shapes, you can scale it and resize it to you any size that you need.

Bonus features

But wait! There’s more! (I love saying that whenever I write one of these blog posts). In addition to all four of the slides that I mentioned above, I’m also going to throw in huge full size renderings of the baseball image on the front cover and interior slides. Not only will this help you to create visually stunning support graphics for your presentation (such as posters and flyers), Having access to the high-resolution support files will allow you to customize and re-configure this baseball PowerPoint template however you want.

baseball renderings

This template also includes two full size baseball renderings (2000x1500px each). Use them however you wish!

Please note that you are free to use these images however you wish, but you are restricted from re-distributing the images individually. Please keep them to yourself, And make sure that you’re not giving anyone else access to the full-resolution versions. After all, it’s a perk that you paid for!

3 ideas for using this four-page baseball PowerPoint template

Because my style is so abstract and nontraditional, I never really intended this template to be used by the MLB or anything. Instead, I designed it with hobbyists and enthusiasts in mind, keeping it as generic as I could so that it’s as versatile as possible for a wide variety of applications.

1. It’s perfect for fantasy baseball league managers

Even though I mentioned above that I’m not really into sports, I somehow get dragged into fantasy baseball and football leagues throughout the year. Of course I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve found that some leagues are better than others.

For example, the league managers who are willing to help me and provide me with tips and techniques for picking the right players is really awesome. How cool would it be to be given an entire slide deck of that kind of data using this particular baseball theme?

2. It’s perfect for school sports programs

I’m not a teacher or a coach myself, but I do know that teachers and coaches are always presenting information to others. Think of how much credibility you have as a coach if you showed up for the next faculty staff meeting with this swanky baseball PowerPoint template?

3. It’s also really good for business

Just as I mentioned In the description of my football PowerPoint template a while back, sports metaphors are perfect when it comes to business strategy discussion. Baseball metaphors especially, since it’s an extremely mental game and it’s necessary to be thinking two or three steps ahead.

Show up to your next quarterly staff meeting with this template, and you’re going to be an absolute hero to your audience.

Final thoughts about this particular PowerPoint theme

Before closing this out, I just want to reiterate that my PowerPoint slide design concepts are intended to be a starting point. Because I can’t possibly know what every presenter is going to need, I simply provide the basic graphics and hope that you (the content creator) will modify and tweak accordingly.

As I always say: don’t be afraid to make this baseball PowerPoint template your own – and have fun with it!

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