The last version of the industrial building theme for Keynote

It’s kind of funny when I go back through my archives of old projects that I was working on that I never did anything with. I usually create a ton of variations based on a single concept, and revisiting my archives reveals how much I flip-flop on things. Case in point: the industrial ceiling theme that I’ve already uploaded two versions of (here and here). Yup, here’s another one! And I promise this is the last one…seriously, I have no more in my archives to upload.

I think the problem was that I wan’t totally happy with these concepts as I was creating them, and I ended up creating variation after variation using the same photo(s) of that industrial ceiling with big lights and air conditioning vents. I really liked the texture and depth of these photos, so I was determined to make something work.

buy this industrial building theme for  keynote

Out of all the versions I created of this template, this fully editable Keynote version might just be my least favorite (hence the reason for not uploading it before). But one thing that I do like is how the blue accents work with the dark gray textures in the photo.

It’s also a pretty generic theme – which is good because you can download it once and use it over and over again for different things. To me, this one seems like it would work best as a generic template for an architecture firm, or a small design studio that is based in an industrial-looking office such as this.

Anyway, like I said: I promise this is the last time you will see a presentation template with this photo. Really!

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