Corporate engineering theme for PowerPoint

Here’s another version of the 3d electronic circuit theme that I uploaded last week. This one uses the same 3d rendering of a generic electronic circuit extruded to give it somewhat of a stylized artistic look, and it’s got a very heavy “tech” vibe to it which is perfect for corporate engineering groups. The difference with this template is all in the colors and overall “mood” – whereas the other one was light in color (for the most part), this one has a much darker look to it which may (or may not) suit your preference. That’s part of the reason why I do so many variations on the same themes – I never really know what people are going to like. We’ll, it’s usually the opposite of what I prefer, but that’s another story…

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And just like the last two templates I uploaded (the nature theme and another high-tech design), this one utilizes that same black transparent panel over the top of the image for the cover slide. I personally think that’s a great way to handle the problem of overlaying text on an image – it sort of neutralizes the image and offers a more even tone for the text to be set on. That helps readability – quite a bit. I’d rather not do that though…it’s more interesting (to me, anyway) if the image itself has a part of it that is constant enough to allow text and graphics to be placed without additional elements added. A perfect example of this is my San Francisco Golden Gate Bride template, where the title text was placed at the bottom of the photo without any alteration to the image.

The interior slides are very bold, so you might not like this if gray and orange isn’t your thing (or if it doesn’t match your corporate brand colors). However – you can very easily change the orange elements to any other color that you prefer. A nice and soft light blue might change the mood of this template completely, so you’ll just have to experiment to find something you like. Don’t be afraid to tinker!

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